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Authenticity Standards

This page contains authenticity guidlines and standards of the Elmira Soldiers' Aid Society. These standards reflect our dedication to accuracy in both material culture and first person interpretation.

All visible stitching on garments must be handsewn. Period underpinnings must be worn: Corset/Stay, drawers, petticoat(s), stockings, and chemise. A corded petticoat is most desirable for a working impression. Smaller cage hoops are acceptable for day wear (non-working impression). Dresses must be of period design and construction; all styles must be documentable. Shoes should be of period construction and materials, but an ample amount of time shall be given to procure satisfactory footwear. More detailed information on clothing will be added in the near future.

No tents are to be used in camp. Shebangs made of period materials such as oilcloths, period-style carpet, and small pieces of canvas are appropriate. Members are encouraged to purchase period-style coverlets, and quilts of period designs and period correct fabrics and fabric designs are also acceptable. All necessary medicines and modern toilletries (such as contact lense solution) must be kept out of public view at all times and used discreetly as possible. Members are strongly advised against using modern beauty aids. Toothpaste shall be substituted by either toothpowder or baking soda, and toothbrushes are to be of period material and construction.

This page is still under construction.